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How to write dumps?

If you want to write credit card information from our dumps, you need to have a card writer.

Most popular card writers are MSR 605x and MCR 200. You can easily buy it at eBay, Aliexpress or Craigslist.

7 thoughts on “How to write dumps?

  1. Hi i need the software to write the chip

  2. I need non verified visa urgently pls tell aboute me it’s cost

  3. Do you take bit core i cant figure out how to transfer from bitcore 2 Bitcoin how do you do that I’ve got the money in my account it’s going to figure out how to transfer it. And do I give you my cash app information so you can transfer right into my my account?

    1. i have btc to cash atm you sen me cash i send for you btc

  4. I need to learn how to put the dumps on the green dot cards i got please i need help

  5. Hello Dear,
    I have MCR200 , I wanna to earn money with you. If u reply my comment or email i want to say something.

  6. i have a credit card swiper i just need to know how to make the dumps i even paid for the app that was like 18 dollars

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