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Hacked PayPal transfer

PayPal is a payment system that processes a huge number of money transactions all over the world. The American company works as an acquirer, it processes payments between online traders, commercial users and other financial platforms. The service charges a fee for all this work it does for online customers. Traditional paper forms such as checks, cash orders, etc. are replaced by electronic methods such as online transfers, clearing settlement and web money transactions. For the whole of 2017, Paypal transferred about $228 billion in 26 currencies covering 190 countries. The total income amounted to 7.9 billion. So, we decided to hack this service to get an access to the huge money source.

How did we manage to hack into Paypal to access accounts for sale and then make Paypal transfers?

We are experienced with BUGS and DDOS attack a lot. We went through a huge amount of credit card data that we used to take out money from stolen accounts and transfer these funds to our hacked Paypal accounts. After that, we distributed the received money between Verified Paypal Accounts. Finally, the transfer was credited to our customers after all stages. All our clients receive only pure real money from Verified accounts that makes our service a high-security and advanced platform for earning.

7 thoughts on “Hacked PayPal transfer

  1. Hey

  2. does this really work? is it 100 percent

  3. why would you not just keep the money yourselves??

  4. Because the $$$ is never truly cleaned, thats why.

    1. Can you do wesrtern union or Paypal transfers in pounds?

  5. is that working in canada

  6. Does this hack require a business PayPal account or a personal account or it doesn’t matter what PayPal account you have

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